Nursery Sales

Our nursery site is usually open Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00am to 4:00pm, throughout the growing season. However, this year all nursery sales will be by appointment. We are also open by appointment. To make arrangements, please contact us at Additionally, we sell plants at the Orcas and San Juan Island Farmer's Markets most Saturdays (during non-COVID times), and are happy to bring plants upon request.

We propagate and grow an eclectic assortment of perennials, shrubs, vines, and trees well suited to the maritime northwest bioregion. Our emphasis is on edible and useful species (including timber, cordage, medicinals, bee forage, etc.). We have a large collection of fruit trees that includes many delicious and unusual varietals hard to find elsewhere. The homestead also serves as an experiment station, and we encourage you to walk around and see how the plants we sell fit into the landscape.

If you have any questions about plants, our hours, special requests, appointments, and the like, please contact us at 360-376-6152 or

Our plant inventory (taken in February 2018) is available upon request.

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