The Homestead - Introduction


 Located in a microclimate within a microclimate our land is a southwest-facing slope, where Rocky hillsides drop into a variety of soil types ,glacial till,sand, sandy loam,clay, clay loam, diotomatious earth with shells and muck soils.

 We have been blessed with water, soil, sun, timber, sand, gravel, clay and stone. And of course hard working creative people.

 At the bottom of our property the land transitions into a wetland marsh system. This amazing diversity has given way to a myriad of interesting planting possibilities and avenues for experimentation.

 From the ground up the Bullocks and their extended family have developed the property over the past 34 years with permaculture principles in mind,. This has included gardens, nursery, wetland edge, Chinampas, hillside plantings, homes, outdoor living areas, workshops, chickens, ducks, bees, water systems, energy systems and a whole lot more.

 Having been on orcas longer than seven eighths of the current population The impact/effect of this consistant effort has extended much further than the few acres and individuals Present.

 With an educational program in its twenty-third year that has seen hundreds of students and thousands of visitors,The Bullock Homestead Continues to be a work in progress.

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