Cosmic Bob's Plan for Your Life

as revealed to Douglas Bullock

As you know, there are a lot of people these days wanting to make a positive change here on earth, you are probably one of them yourself, the big question is... What to do?

Are you thinking about a green eco-ag program at one of those liberal arts Universities? Are you planning on designing your own degree or do you want University credit for independent study?

Do you think/believe that your professors and/or counselors are telling you the truth? Does someone living in a 3000sq.ft. golden medallion home (total electric), and driving a S.U.V. to work to teach about sustainability, seem a little far-fetched?

Are you ready to blow school off all together or are you finishing it and are a bit disillusioned about what to do next? If you can identify with any of these, then Cosmic Bob's Plan may be what you're looking for!

Cosmic Bob's plan will help you develop your own ideas about sustainable agriculture and right livelihood and gain a better understanding of whole systems, biology and life's process.

Be a first choice valuable intern on the farm you want! Make better decisions, be prepared if you plan to get your own land or join a community. O.K. take a deep breath, here is the plan...

Year one

Year two

Year three

Year four


These years may be accelerated and or condensed and certainly more shrubs and trees should be planted if at all possible. If planted early they will be fruiting in the last two years.

Concurrently to all this:


The book list

  1. Intro to Permaculture -Mollison
  2. Permaculture Designer's Manual -Mollison
  3. Tree Crops -J. Russell Smith
  4. Natural Way of Farming -Manasoba Fukuoka
  5. Water for Every Farm -P.A. Yemans
  6. The Bio-gardener's Bible -Lee Flyer
  7. Super Nutrition Gardening -William S. Peavy
  8. Secrets to a Great Soil -Elizabeth Stell
  9. Test Your Soil with Plants -John Beeby
  10. Seed to Seed -Suzanne Ashworth
  11. Garden Seed Inventory -Seed Savers Exchange
  12. The New Seed Starters Handbook -Nancy Bubel
  13. Organic Gardening -Crow & Elizabeth Miller
  14. The Dirt Doctors Guide to Organic Gardening -J. Howard Garrett
  15. How to Grow Vegetables & Fruits by the Organic Method -J. I. Rodale
  16. Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening -J. I. Rodale
  17. Fruit, Berry & Nut Inventory -Seed Savers Exchange
  18. How to Grow More Vegetables -John Jeavons
  19. The Backyard Orchards -Stella Otto
  20. The Backyard Berry Book -Stella Otto
  21. NAFEX Handbook & Back Issues of Pomona -NAFEX
  22. Fruit of Warm Climates -J. Morton
  23. Drip Irrigation -Robert Kourik
  24. Nuts of the World -Menninger
  25. Secrets of the Soil -Christopher Bird & Peter Tomkins
  26. The Book of Bamboo -David Farellay ?
  27. Palms Throughout the World -David Jones
  28. Plant Propagation -Sunset Books & others
  29. The World Was My Garden -D. Fairchild
  30. Living Water -Olaf Alexander
  31. Hand Made Hot Water Systems -Art Sussman & Richard Frazier
  32. Weeds Control Without Poisons -C. Walters
  33. Weeds and What They Tell -Pfeiffer
  34. Grasp the Nettle -Peter Proctor
  35. ACERS USA, all you can find including back issues -Walters
  36. The A.B.C.s of Bee Keeping -?
  37. Para-magnetism -Phillip Callahan
  38. Ancient Mysteries Modern Visions -Phillip Callahan, Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coates
  39. Farmers of Forty Centuries -F.H.King
  40. The Luther Burbank Series -L. Burbank
  41. Lost Crops of the Incas -National Academy Press
  42. The Challenge of the Negev -M. Evenari
  43. Raising Poultry Successfully -Will Graves
  44. Free-Range Poultry -Katie Thear
  45. Small-Scale Poultry Keeping -Ray Feltwell
  46. Backyard Poultry -Alanna Moore
  47. For the Love of Ducks -Nyiri Murtagh
  48. Rabbits for Food and Profit -Lee Schwanz
  49. Basic carpentry, plumbing, wiring, concrete, fencing etc. -Sunset or Ortho Books
  50. Look for other good books on gardening, solar power, NFTs, fungus and soils


Presto chango you'll have better education and integrity. Now wasn't that simple?

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