Douglas Bullock
Since 1982, Douglas Bullock has lived with his extended family, friends, and skill builders on their permaculture site on Orcas Island. Douglas has facilitated or directly participated in comprehensive Permaculture projects and classes at their site and at sites around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Hawai'i, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Nicaragua, California and Washington.

Having traveled extensively collecting and studying agricultural systems, he is familiar with a wide range of climate strategies and crops. His specialties include permaculture design, tree crops, nursery practices, creating small and large-scale wetland environments, and implementing appropriate technologies. Douglas has also written articles and pamphlets on permaculture featured in the Permaculture Activist and in the International Permaculture Journal.

Douglas, it has been told, put the "cult" in Permaculture.

Maria Bullock
Maria Bullock came from Poland to study permaculture in Hawai'i in 1999. Ever since she has been living and working on the Bullock Homestead. Currently, she is raising amazing permaculture kids Kajetan and Naya, instructing at an annual permaculture intensive for single mothers in Nicaragua, and serving as a vegan chef extraordinaire.

Joseph Bullock
Joe lives on Orcas Island with his wife, Irina, and three kids, Marina, Pasha, and Vonya. He has been involved with horticulture for almost thirty years. His interests range from fruit trees to perennials, from food forests to fungi; in fact, Joe hasn't met a plant he doesn't like.

Joe's horticultural interests have taken him to Latin America and to the former Soviet Union, and as a result he speaks both Spanish and Russian fairly well. He completed a Permaculture Design Course with Bill Mollison in 1981 in California, and has taught, thought, and lived Permaculture since then.

Sam Bullock
Sam grew up squeezed under the armpits of his two enthusiastic older brothers. Always interested in the natural world (frogs, snakes, turtles, salamanders, etc.), their transition to growing plants as teenagers in the 70's led directly to growing food plants and to the awareness of a holistic, spiritual, sacred, and natural world of which we are all a part.

Sam has been professionally landscaping for the last couple decades, as well as co-developing the homestead on Orcas Island and working on the occasional tropical project. He is energized by working with plants, rocks, earth, water, wood, animals, and of course people!

Yuriko Bullock
Yuriko was raised in post-war Japan and allowed by her parents, who had lost two sons during the war, to play like a boy when young. This gave her the freedom to get dirty exploring the creeks, woods, and seacoast of her town.

She took an interest in gardening at a very young age and to this day can spend hours a day working with plants. Yuriko has spent much of her life preparing food for large numbers of people; growing up in her family's birthing clinic, meals were regularly prepared for the twenty or so patients, live-in nurses, and her family.

Yuriko has studied macrobiotic, vegetarian, and several ethnic styles of cooking, including, of course, Japanese.

Dave Boehnlein
Dave Boehnlein gradutated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Natural Resources & Environmental Studies. After a short stint working in GIS and web design Dave headed to Central America to work on reforestation and point count bird surveys. While there he met the Bullocks and got turned on to permaculture design. Since then Dave has spent seven years at the Bullock's Permaculture Homestead picking up skills and helping to keep things organized. Dave has served the homestead as Education Director, Skill Building Program Coordinator, Webmaster & general administrator.

With a talent for communication, Dave enjoys sharing what he has learned about permaculture and sustainability as a teacher and course organizer. Before his introduction to Permaculture Dave spent several years as an outdoor/experiential educator. In collaboration with the Bullocks and other permaculturists Dave has taught a wide variety of courses and workshops both at the Bullock's Permaculture Homestead and around the world. Dave has also written a number of articles on permaculture for both print and online publications.

As a design educator Dave believes it is important to keep his design skills sharply honed. Dave has collaborated with other designers on design projects at a variety of scales from backyards to ecovillages. Along with Douglas Bullock and Justin Hanseth, Dave launched Terra Phoenix Design in 2009. Terra Phoenix Design offers a variety of planning services that help clients approach sustainability, resiliency, and enable them to meet more of their needs locally.

In addition, Dave is passionate about plants. Specializing in agroforestry systems and useful plants from around the world, Dave offers a unique focus on ethnobotany to any project. Dave also enjoys backpacking, playing games, mushroom hunting, cooking, and spending time in the tropics. Dave is particularly interested in the mainstreaming of sustainbility and keeping things organized.

Caitlin Herlihy
While Caitlin has been known to excel in the nerd realm, she always found herself most at home on the shore, in the woods, and in the garden with her hands in the soil. Her circuitous and serendipitous route to the homestead led her from Quincy, MA, to Wesleyan University, CT; from the Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland, to an organic farm in Portland, OR. A quarter-sheet flyer steered her to a Permaculture Design Course in Portland, which led her to visit the Bullocks' on Halloween '09, and she hasn't looked back since. Caitlin finds the homestead to be the perfect forum to practice a joyful lifestyle, nurturing happiness and fulfillment in herself, her fellow homesteaders and the ecosystem that supports them. She has thoroughly enjoyed being the annual garden "mama"; while continuing to develop her expertise in the kitchen, the metal shop and in perennial plant systems, Caitlin looks forward to honing her skills in the Bullocks' onsite nursery.

James Most
James is thoroughly enjoying his spicy love affair with the plant kingdom. Trees in particular tickle his fancy, especially the type that share their delectable bounty with all the bugs and animals and humans too. He can imagine no greater bliss then being perched in a mulberry tree, feasting like there is no tommorow. Needless to say, he is LOVING life at the Bullocks, and is so excited to be able to get the greater island community PUMPED about all the cool plants that they can find in our nursery.

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